The Craziest Casino Heists In History

Since casinos often have more money than a typical bank in their safes, it’s no surprise that they would have become targets for robbers hoping to strike it rich.

Below are just some of the craziest casino heists to have gone down in history.

Circus Circus

At the time of the Circus Circus heist, 21-year-old Heather Tallchief had been working for a phoney armoured vehicle repair business.

On October 1, 1993, Tallchief and her boyfriend, Roberto Solis, made their way to the Vegas casino in a getaway car. Solis sprinted inside and made off with all the money he could carry: a whopping $3.1 million.

How the couple managed to get away remains a thing of much speculation. They’re thought to have caught a flight from Los Angeles to Denver, Colorado.

The truly incredible thing about the Circus Circus heist is that Tallchief managed to stay on the run for over 12 years. She eventually turned herself in in September 2005.

To this day, Solis remains at large.

The Stardust

This story makes our list because of the brazen nature of the heist.

In September 1992, The Stardust became a victim of theft when a cashier filled a duffel bag with an estimated $500,000 in cash and chips – and simply walked out the door.

While police managed to identify the thief as William Brennan, he was never seen or heard from again. He’s been on the run for over 30 years.

The Bellagio

In 2000, three heavily armed men burst into the Bellagio before grabbing all the cash and chips they could get their sticky hands on.

The three made a getaway with more than $160,000, but were successfully apprehended by the police shortly after. The three were sentenced to jail time ranging between 15 and 27 years.

Treasure Island

What makes the story of Reginald Johnson so exceptional is the fact that he’d tried (and failed!) to rob Treasure Island on several occasions.

Only on his fourth attempt did he manage to make his way out the doors with $30,000 in hand.

Johnson was arrested only moments after the heist, and because of his violent nature, received a harrowing 130-year prison sentence.

Crown Perth

The Crown Perth robber, too, had been an employee of the casino he had tried to rob.

Clearly tired of watching millions changing hands, and none of it headed his way, the rogue employee’s plan involved working in cahoots with a high roller.

The culprit would watch casino footage and instruct the high roller on how to place his bets. The pair managed to fleece the casino for a whopping $32 million before security personnel became suspicious about the incredible “success” the bettor was enjoying at the tables.

Incredibly, the employee lost his job, and the high roller was banned for life, but neither was ever prosecuted for the heist.

Ritz Casino

In 2004, London’s Ritz Casino fell victim to a cunning scam involving a rogue trio and a high-tech laser gadget.

The three were thought to have used lasers connected to their mobile phones to predict the outcome of Roulette games.

The heart-breaking part is the fact that try as they might, Scotland Yard never managed to figure out precisely how the con had been executed. And so, the cunning trio got to hold on to the £1.3 million they had managed scoop with their cunning plan.

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