A Glance at Setting Up an At-Home Party Bingo Hall

Setting Up an At-Home Party Bingo Hall

Are you planning on hosting a casino-themed party at home any time soon? This might be fun when you’re playing solo, but for a group, you need something much more immersive and social!

Bingo is the perfect theme for home-based parties and events, as it’s highly social, extremely fun to play, and is suitable for large groups of friends, family members and even colleagues to enjoy.

Aside from this, you can have plenty of fun setting up your very own bingo room at home too, which will make for a party that people will be talking about for months afterwards! Here is a guide on how to set up your very own bingo ‘hall’ for hours of party fun in a flash.

#1: Choose a Suitable Space

The room or space you use for your game will depend largely on how many people are attending. If you are having a small group over (say 15 to 30 people), then your lounge or living room will probably be perfect, size permitting of course.

On the other hand, if your party is going to involve a much bigger group, then you might want to host it outside if the weather is fine.

Either way, be sure that you have enough seating ready for all your players. Comfortable chairs and cushions are both must-haves, and you can also decorate your space accordingly to add an extra festive atmosphere to the event.

#2: Think About the Games

Like Android bingo having options for mobile players, there are so many different versions of bingo out there, all of which are perfect for a party atmosphere.

However, you do need to consider which one you will offer on the day of your big get-together. If it’s an adult-only event, feel free to choose a more complex variation like 85-ball or 90-ball, using cards with traditional numbers.

If your party will involve both adults and kids, perhaps 30-ball mini bingo will be ideal.

You can download plenty of great free cards off the internet to use during your party, and there are some out there that are even suitable for kiddies’ birthdays too! Be sure to keep plenty of pencils, markers or dabbers in your ‘hall’ too, as your guests will need them to mark off their cards.

Thinking about the Bingo Games

#3: Consider Snacks and Drinks

Regular bingo halls almost always offer a range of delectable snacks and drinks to keep their players happy, and your at-home ‘hall’ should be no different! If you have the space, set up a table or two in the corner of the room laden with small finger snacks and drinks that are appropriate for your guests.

Cocktails will certainly make a great addition to an adults’ party, while kids will appreciate fruit juices and soda to keep them refreshed while they play. Remember, snacks should be bite sized, as your guests will need to have their hands free to check and mark their tickets!

#4: Pick Out Some Cool Prizes

Another thing to consider for your event is offering prizes for the winners. These don’t have to be big, flashy or expensive by any means, but they do add an extra level of incentive for your guests to get really involved in your game.

For adults, a nice bottle of wine or liquor or a box of chocolates are great choices, and if your players are on the younger side, consider a cool toy or book voucher instead.

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