HTML5 and Casino Gaming in Detail

HTML5 and Casino Gaming in Detail

What exactly is HTML5, and what is the big deal about it? HTML, otherwise known as Hypertext Mark-up Language, is the coding system used to create digital content; mostly online content viewed on common web browsers.

If you visit a website and take for granted the fact that images, videos, GIFs, and more, are easily viewable on that website, you probably weren’t around to see how websites looked just a decade or two ago.

It is no small technological advancement how versatile modern websites are, and this is largely due to software such as HTML5. In fact, it was not possible to even view YouTube videos without a third party programme such as Flash until just recently. This change is due to the now common usage of HTML5.

But it is not just websites such as YouTube that have benefited from HTML5. Online casino websites have probably benefited the most, which has resulted in the online casino industry surging into more convenience, and so more popularity.

Mobile Casino Games and HTML5

Modern smartphones and tablets also function with browsers that use HTML5, meaning that the convenience has extended to the mobile world.

A user can simply browse to a casino website, and have the desired game open automatically like mobile blackjack on the device’s web browser. Its unprecedented convenience, and an enormous step forward for mobile entertainment as a whole.

The overall result is more players able to access more games a great deal more easily. This means, of course, that modern mobile gamers are in the best possible era to be start experiencing portable entertainment when playing games.

HTML5 Casino Gambling

Enormous Convenience

If you think arriving on a casino website and having a casino game load automatically in the browser is a negligible, easily achievable convenience, you’d be wrong. Getting complicated, versatile software such as casino games to operate in a web browser was an enormous advancement, and one that modern players probably take for granted.

As with YouTube videos, a user would have to have installed third party software in order to play online casino games, and this changed only fairly recently. The vast majority of popular web browsers now operate with the HTML5 software, bringing the online world into a new era of incredible convenience and user friendliness. A casino game will now instantly load in a web browser, with no action required from the user.


With HTML5 revolutionising online entertainment, there is already speculation as to what HTML6 could possibly add to the experience. It seems that online entertainment is already as versatile as it could possibly be, with little left to do in order to add improvements.

As with al technology related advancements, however, users often don’t know how technology could be better until the improvements occur. What HTML6 will add is unknown, but when it finally does arrive it is sure to be an impressive spectacle. Perhaps it will aim to bring advancements such as augmented and virtual reality more easily into the online world. Although this, of course, is entirely speculative.

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