Best Books Ever Written On Sports Betting

As the sports betting industry continues to grow and boom, so too does the sheer volume of content on the topic.

A number of phenomenal books have been written on the topic, and these contain endless resources for beginners and expert-bettors alike.

Below are some of the best books ever written on betting on sports.

Fixed-Odds Sports Betting

Witten by Joseph Buchdahl, Fixed-Odds Sports Betting is for those serious about betting on sports.

The book contains useful information for making an expert analysis in terms of your betting strategies, learning how to determine and make the best of value, proper money management, and more.

Sharp Sports Betting

This book is a great gift for anybody in love with betting on sports. Written by Stanford Wong, many consider Sharp Sports Betting to be a sort of ultimate betting bible.

The way in which the book is compiled makes for an easy but informative read. And while the focus is mainly on betting on the NFL, many of the lessons contained in the book can be applied to other sports too.

Weighing The Odds

Full title, Weighing The Odds In Sports Betting, this is a must-read for anybody serious about improving their betting game.

The book was written by King Yao and brings an in-depth focus on betting on football and baseball.

Guide To Sports Betting

Ian Hudson’s Guide to Sports Betting intends to offer to the reader a complete guide to betting on sports. This makes the book particularly valuable for new and inexperienced bettors.

The book’s main focus is on developing winning strategies in sports betting.

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Written by L. Jon Wertheim and Tobias J. Moskowitz, Scorecasting: The Hidden Influence behind How Sports are Played and Games are won, intends to help the reader to understand the finer nuances of how games are won or lost.

There’s a strong focus on those unseen forces that make or break a game. Sports covered in the book include hockey basketball, football, and baseball.

No Easy Money

Full title, No Easy Money: A Gambler’s Diary, this book gives an interesting account of the life of the writer as he bets at some of Britain’s biggest racetracks.

Written by Dave Nevison, the book follows the writer’s mission to turn his bets into a profit of £1 million. In his book, Nevison explains which bets he had placed, his progress made, and the challenges he faced along the way.

Sports Arbitrage

Sports Arbitrage: Riskless Investment focuses not only on the theory, but also on the practical side of sports betting.

Written by George Lynam, the book provides actual examples of one it takes for a sports bettor to generate an income from wagering on sports. The book will appeal to beginners and experts in the field.

Gambling Wizards

Gambling Wizards – Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers was written by a man regarded as one of the greatest authors on the topic of sports betting: Richard Munchkin.

Before Munchkin wrote the book, he spent many years working as a Vegas pit boss and Blackjack dealer. The book makes for great reading by bettors and non-bettors alike.

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