The US Election Betting in Detail for Punters Online

The United States presidential elections occur once every four years.  Voters are required to register, and may then proceed to cast their votes on Election Day – traditionally held on the Tuesday after the first Monday during the month of November.

The initial process kicks off with a nomination procedure, and is held between the months of January and June, in the particular election year.  This consists of the primary elections and the nominating conventions, during which a representative will be elected for each party.

With technology such as radio and television having developed in leaps and bounds over recent years, the media has played an influential role in the presidential elections.  Not only has technology opened the highways and byways for internet activism, but it has been the flint that has ignited the spark for a new gambling favourite:  US election betting.

Global Betting Politics

It may come as a surprise to some that US election betting actually exists as a betting market, but it has become one of the most popular betting brands in New Zealand to ever enter the gambling, and especially online gambling, scene.

Best of all:  it’s available to punters from all over the world, including New Zealand like at  You may have to be a US citizen to cast a vote at the ballot box, but the same does not apply when it comes to US election betting.

US Election Betting Types

A great ice breaker for newbies to US election betting is a straightforward prediction as to who the president elect will be.  This is done by selecting one candidate from the available pool of candidates.

The better in advance the bet is made, the bigger the payout will be.  As November draws near, the odds will start to even out – but payouts will decrease significantly as the risk becomes increasingly less.

The Party Trick That is a Party Line

The Party Line bet is another simple, yet favourite bet.  Democrats or Republicans.  It’s that simple, and it’s a typical futures bet, with the odds generally being determined by popular (and at times, expert) opinion.

Propositional Bets: US Election Betting

This is where the heat is turned on full blast.  Propositional bets are more risky – and creative – bet types.  These may include who the victor will be during the first electoral debate, the gender of the eventual winner, the winner of the popular vote, the percentage difference between electoral and popular votes, the winner of the number of votes cast in a particular State, etc.

A popular creative bet is betting on the underdog.  In the event that popular opinion continues to hold against the least favourite, and the underdog does end up walking away victoriously, then those punters who stuck with their bet in favour of the underdog are set to win a great deal of money.

It’s useful to keep a look-out for bookmakers offering large welcome bonuses as the month of November draws near, as this acts as an incentive for punters to join up.  A welcome bonus is the perfect way to make a head start.

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