Making Tennis Bets Online with an Exclusive Guide!

If you are looking for the best odds and the best options when it comes to tennis bets, you will find it online. Sports Betting sites are now available that feature all the major tennis tournaments for both men and woman.

You can play from your computer in New Zealand and place wagers on Grand Slam finals, Olympic Tennis, a huge list of ATP tournaments and more.

The odds you receive on your favourite wagers are much better than what you will see at your corner betting shop as sports betting sites have lower operating costs. This means that the money saved gets passed on to members.

Benefits of Online Betting

Despite better odds, there are many other positives to online tennis bets. One of the most obvious benefits is of course the fact that you can download software that allows you to place bets using a mobile device like your Smartphone.

This gives you an immense level of freedom and control on your wagering activities.

You also have so many betting options on offer to you at no extra or hidden costs. The range of tennis bets you can make is vast and covers almost all levels of the sport.

Types of Tennis Bets

There are many betting options available when it comes to making tennis bets at sites like There are many ways you can place wagers on your games that range from the individual player’s performance to final scores to the tennis player’s point rankings.

Match and Handicap Betting

Match betting is the most basic and straightforward wagers available in tennis bets. You just place a bet on who you think will win a given match.

Handicap betting is also known as spread betting. This is where you are given certain values related to certain aspects of online betting and as long as your wager falls within the spectrum of the values, you will win.

Usually handicap betting would entail a bet that the favoured player will win by a set amount of points or that the least favoured player will lose by a set amount of points.

Score Betting

Over under wagering is one of the most popular tennis bets available. It is very similar to handicap or spread betting. You wager that a game or player’s score will fall within a certain threshold.

Correct score odds betting is a form of futures betting where you try and predict the exact score of an event in the future. The odds of predicting correctly are very low but of course because of this, the payout is often quite large.

Take Your Bets to the Next Level

Online tennis bets take a variety of forms so you get the same great range of wagers that you would expect from a land based betting shop as well as some additional great wager options.

You also get up to date match results and general betting information that will help you become a better bettor as well as a more informed sports fan.

An online sport betting at the best sites is safe and secure meaning your real money tennis bets can be made with a sense of surety.

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