Reviewing Chain Reactors Online Casino Slot

This slot by IGT was designed in a puzzle style manner and requires players to create strings of matching symbols. If you have ever played Candy Crush you will get the hang of Chain Reactors very quickly, as the principles are similar, the only difference is that you don’t match up candy but rather entertaining little monsters.

The main aim of the Chain Reactors slot is to form winning combinations of the same symbols and they do not have to be on the same reel set, they can be on top of each other, as long as they match.

Chain Reactors is a 5 reel slot, but due to the nature of this slot, no paylines are available to bet on. You now bet on all the symbols and take your chances on potential chains. Chain Reactors offers lucrative winnings of up to 1 million coins.

Slot Features

Chain Reactors has redefined the way people see slots. Chain Reactors brings you the first slot with exploding symbols. If you manage to secure a symbol chain of 5 or more symbols, these symbols explode as soon as the winning combination chain has been established and it makes way for new symbols to replace them in order for players to secure more winning chains. The paytable for this slot is lucrative and the payouts on symbol chains of 16 or more icons are significant.

Betting Options

The Chain Reactors slot opens a new world of betting, as this slot unlike most slots at, does not have paylines on which you can place bets. Minimum bets kick off at 50c, and maximum bets are stopped at 10 coins, and your bet amount covers the slot in its entirety.

Chain Reactors offers lucrative payouts, but keep in mind that the big winnings only kick in when you land 16 identical symbols close to each other. The Zoid symbols are the ones on which players need to keep a close eye, as 16 of these will result in winnings of 100 000 times your stake.

Chain Reactors Design and Lay Out

The design of this slot gives it a whole new take on things, but be warned, this does take a bit of time to get used to. Once you are in the strive of things, playing Chain Reactors will feel as familiar as playing any other online slot, and the different way of how winning combinations originate makes Chain Reactors an exciting new slot on the block.

This slot features all kinds of cute little monster creatures as reel symbols in all colours and sizes. Chain Reactors offers 5 by 5 reels, amounting to 25 symbols reflecting on your home screen at any given time.

Keep in mind that strings of 5 or more is needed to obtain winnings, but from 16 matching symbols the big wins will start rolling in.

Monsters to keep an eye out for is the Flirty monster, with a maximum payout of 6000 times you bet, Cyclo with a maximum pay out of 600 times, Spikey has maximum multiplier of 50 and Sunny the friendly monster will reward you with 100 times your total bet.

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