Overview of Cool Jewels Slot Online

Cool Jewels slots game is very different to the usual slots game. Cool Jewels, a game created by WMS Gaming, is a slots game that looks like an arcade game. There are no reels as such, and the symbols are set in a six reel square grid. The symbols do, however, spin into place like they would do in a normal slots game.

There are meters set into either side of this grid. The meter on the left determines how much each of the appearing symbols is worth in terms of a payout, and the meter on the right gives information on how many free spins are available. When the player starts spinning, he will have a chance to add a bet multiplier up to a value of 400, so the player will be in control of how much to place in a wager.

There is certainly an abundance of jewels in the Cool Jewels game. They come in a wide variety of colours, red, yellow, turquoise, pink, blue and green. To win a payout the player needs to complete a combination of four similar symbols, which can be arranged vertically or horizontally on the grid. There is also the multiplier symbol, and if the combination is completed with that symbol, the player can multiply his original stake by ten times.

Cool Jewels Has a Cascading Reels Feature

Cool Jewels has another interesting feature, which is a Cascading Reels feature. This means that certain of the symbols, in this instance the Exploding Wild symbols, have the power to destroy some of the other symbols. There will therefore be gaps appearing on the reels. These gaps will then be filled with a host of new symbols, which drop into the space left by the destroyed symbols. This feature allows for the possibility of a number of new winning combinations to be completed.

There are three different Exploding Wild symbols that the player will come across in Cool Jewels. There is the Shocking Wild, which will destroy every symbol diagonally on each side of it, resulting in all the symbols that remain dropping into the vacant spaces left by the destroyed symbols. This can potentially create new winning combinations. The Exploding Wild, however, just destroys all the symbols around it, which again will result in the possibility of new winning combinations being formed. Then there is a Blasting Wild, and this Wild symbol destroys all the other symbols either vertically or horizontally to its own position in the reels. Once again, the empty gaps will be filled by other symbols dropping into them, and thus opening up the possibility of new winning combinations.

Tricky Free Spins Bonus

As logos in some Android pokies at https://mobilepokies.net.nz/android, the Cool Jewels logo symbol is the key to the player being able to activate the free spins bonus. However, to be able to start this round, the player has to destroy at least four of the Cool Jewels symbols on the grid, by using the Wilds. This can be a tricky manoeuvre, but the Wilds do appear frequently, and then the action can be very fast paced indeed. If the player does succeed in activating the free spins round with the four Cool Jewel symbols, he will be awarded with at least eight free spins. If the free spins round is activated by seven Cool Jewels logos there will be at least twenty free spins awarded.

Certainly all the unusual features in Cool Jewels can afford the player hours of enjoyment.

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