Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand Video Poker Summarized for Players

Deuces Wild video poker has always been one of the most popular versions of video poker. Various types of poker styles provide the basic attraction of these casino machines. The blending of poker with online slot machines was invented all the way back in the 1970’s has made for an extremely widespread, and thoroughly appreciated type of casino game.

Now this has extended to the level of Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand, an advanced, bonus-ridden version of the game that effectively blends a core of poker’s 5 card stud with a good old fashioned slot machine. The result is a video poker game version that has additional features, enhanced bonus and winning offers as well as the opportunity to play multiple hand of the game at the same time.

The Fresh Varieties of Video Poker

Thanks to the input from top game developers such as RTG, players can play a standardised game of video poker such as Deuces Wild, with numerous additional add-ons, at most online casinos. The software is all of a standard and quality that players regard fast paced action, good design and attractive form as the normal condition of play.

The unique aspect to Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand is having the two card, which is also known as the deuce, become a regular wild card. Furthermore, with a Bonus aspect included, players will find that there are enhanced odds offered on any available four of a kind pay-outs. For the player, this means that the statistical features are improved odds when compared to regular video poker, and entertainment levels that are also markedly increased.

Winning Hands in Bonus Deuces Wild

Winning hands in Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand are still ranked according to standard poker rules, even though there are some notable additions. These include the Five of a Kind hand ranging from 6s to Kings, a Wild Royal Flush, Five of a Kind made up from 3s, 4s, or 5s, Five of a Kind with Aces. Thanks to the Bonus aspect of the game, and the enhanced Four of a Kind rewards, Four Deuces, or twos, is the third highest hand, Four Deuces with an outside Ace the second highest, but the highest hand of all when playing Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand is still a Royal Flush not using a deuce.

Realtime Gaming, or RTG, being amongst the elite of casino game development, and in this case video poker, has always flirted with the advancing edge of entertaining casino play. Introducing the Multihand concept enables players to play numerous hand at the same time. Since this is a challenging concept, what happens in practice is that players can select the number of hands they wish to play, although the standard setting is three.

The Multihand Addition

Only one of the hands is visible to the player, and the cards that are selected to be kept will apply to all the hands being played concurrently. This means that some additional thinking and consideration is required, but with the base game being Deuces Wild, players are assured of increased winning opportunities. This means that despite the fact that most of the multihands are played unseen, the odds on achieving a win despite this are actually rather remarkable.

Bonus Deuces Wild Multihand there adds substantially to the entertainment factor of video poker at RTG casinos, and although it may be tempting to leap right in and play this game for real money, players should make use of the availability of free games to become comfortable with the mechanisms of a multihand approach before wagering real money like many players  who practice before real play.

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