Las Vegas Fever Online Slot Introduced to Players

Las Vegas Fever Online Slot Introduced

Taking the opulence and extravagance of Sin City’s famous casinos as its theme, Blue Gem’s Las Vegas Fever slot has five reels and 15 paylines. Only four reels feature symbols that can form winning combinations, while the fifth reel produces multipliers applied to winnings.

The game features special symbols that can activate bonus features. One of the symbols triggers a themed bonus game, and the other triggers the online slot’s free spins game.

As far as the look and feel of the game is concerned, it has high-quality 3D graphics, and a thematic soundtrack with a few special effects thrown in. The reels spin smoothly, and the interface is laid out for easy navigation.

Inspecting the Las Vegas Fever Reels

The Las Vegas Fever slot reel symbols all reflect the theme of the game, and are exactly the sort of things one would expect to find in the resorts of Sin City. Symbols can pay out in combinations of three or four of the same that appear from left to right, in consecutive order, on a payline.

The online slot’s high-valued symbols include the top-paying neon cowgirl sign, a suitcase stuffed with money, a brunette in a yellow dress, a blonde in a pink dress, a fat, balding man in a fur coat, and an old-fashioned slot machine. The game logo and a slot machine screen also appear as reel symbols.

The lower-valued symbols include red and white six-sided dice, red and white casino chips, a tall stack of green and white casino chips, a roulette wheel, and a bottle and flutes filled with champagne on a silver tray.

Las Vegas Fever Multiplier Reel

The fifth reel of Las Vegas Fever slot cannot be spun by players. The reel only becomes active and spins if symbols form a winning combination.

The reel features symbols different to those on the other four reels. These symbols are mostly vintage-style fruit symbols, each featuring a different multiplier or a symbol that activates a mini-game.

If the reel produces a multiplier, the payout from the winning combination on the other four reels will be multiplied by that number. If it produces the mini-game symbol, a second screen will open, and a wheel can be spun for an additional prize and a multiplier.

Las Vegas Fever Internet Slot Machine

Las Vegas Fever Bonus Game

Like many slots having bonuses at, the Las Vegas Fever slot logo symbol can activate the bonus game. The bonus game is activated by the appearance of the logo on the first three reels.

The bonus game is played on a screen that looks like a casino games table, on which are three rows of face-down cards. The cards are turned face-up when clicked.

The cards will reveal either a prize amount or a Collect sign that ends the bonus game and returns the player to the base game.

Las Vegas Fever Free Spins

The slot machine screen symbol can activate the Las Vegas slot free spins game. The symbol acts like a Scatter, and so can activate the free spins from any position on the reels.

If three symbols land on the reels, 15 free spins will be activated. If four symbols appear, 25 free spins will be activated.

The multiplier reel is activated by winnings combinations during the free spins. The appearance of three or four slot machine screen symbols will re-activate the free spins game.

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