What To Bet On During The Summer Slump

During the quiet summer months, with the NHL and NBA seasons a couple of months away, many sports betting enthusiasts find themselves wondering about what to do with their spare time.

Lucky for them, there are several premium events to bet on in summer, with great betting opportunities abounding.

Below is a list of popular sporting action to fill the gap of the summer slump.

Canadian Football League

Since the Canadian Football League is such a stable and well-established one, it has now surpassed the popularity of the AFL and UFL among sports bettors.

While the rules are slightly quirkier, the games are action-packed and full of betting value.

The league plays from early July until the fall.


Women’s basketball has become a popular betting pastime for punters all over the world.

During the WNBA season, 12 teams compete from June until October.

What makes this such a fun betting option is the fact that the games are fairly predictable, the lines soft, and data and statistics are regularly updated.


Three major golf tournaments are contested between the end of the NBA season and the beginning of the NFL season.

The U.S. Open is played in June, the British Open in July, and the PGA Championship is contested in August.

But aside from these notable events, there are also several smaller competitions happening in-between, which make for enormous opportunities to win.


Played every year in July, Wimbledon holds all the excitement and action only to be found during a tennis Grand Slam event.

Bets can be placed on everything from outright winners and the tournament champion, to which “undeserved” player will be granted a seeding.


The annual MLS season runs from March until October and is a super-attractive league to bet on.

The length of the season makes soccer a particularly exciting sport to bet on. Of all the leagues played throughout the season, the English Premier League, which gets underway in August, has emerged the most popular of them all for sports bettors.

Car Racing

The summer is filled with exciting betting opportunities in the world of racing.

For those passionate about American car racing, NASCAR is the most popular betting market of them all.

But for those who prefer a more predictable set-up, there’s always the thrilling world of Formula 1 and Indy cars to wager on.

Horse Racing

For bettors, the horse racing season doesn’t have to end with the Triple Crown.

There’s also the Del Mar, which is raced just outside of San Diego, which offers a brilliant range of betting options.

Other https://sportsbettingus.org/cycling/ races all throughout the summer include events in West Virginia, New Jersey, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ontario.

The Tour De France

The annual Tour de France is the biggest and most popular cycling race in the world. Consisting of multiple stages, this makes for prime betting opportunities for punters.

While the event isn’t televised in its entirety, it does enjoy advanced news coverage, which makes it a pleasure to enjoy and bet on.

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