Explanation of Big Bad Wolf Online Slots

Quickspin’s Big Bad Wolf is based on the fairy tale known just about universally as The Three Little Pigs.  At first glance the game’s 5 Reels immediately brings to mind fond childhood memories of everyone’s favourite little pig; the smart little pig who had built his house of bricks.

In addition to this, Big Bad Wolf also features 25 pay lines, multiple Wild Symbols and a special Swooping Reels Feature that is quite unique by comparison to online slots games in general.

Big Bad Wolf Reel Symbols

A Bee Hive represents the Wild Symbol and Moon symbols are up for collection during free spin rounds.  Other symbols include the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

Easy to Use Interface

The control panel displays functions like STOP, AUTOPLAY and BET in an uncluttered and visible manner, making them easy to spot and access.  The space bar on a player’s keyboard may also be used to set a new round of play in motion.

Blowing Down The House Feature

Moon symbols are collected during free spin rounds.  Depending on the amount of moon symbols collected, the Big Bad Wolf will blow down either the house made of wood (3 moon symbols) or the house made of bricks (6 moon symbols), resulting in additional free spins and in the case of the latter, a multiplier that doubles a player’s winnings for the duration of the free spins round.  The Blowing Down The House Feature adds a unique animative edge to the game, whilst remaining true to one of the main themes of the tale on which it is based.

Big Bad Wolf Free Spins

Ten free spins are awarded when three or more of the Wolf symbols (scatter symbols) are landed.  The free spins feature can be reactivated, resulting in a free spins bonus round.  Bonus rounds are multi-coloured and full of character, and there is a variety of 3 different rounds.

The Wild Pig Symbols

As the game proceeds, it keeps count of the number of wins.   Every consecutive win sees a pig turned into a wild card for the next landing of symbols.   At the off chance of four consecutive wins, Pig Number 1 and Pig Number 2 will transform into wild cards for the next round.  Six consecutive wins will result in all three of the little pigs transforming into lucrative wild cards.

The Swooping Reels Feature

All winning symbols are immediately swept off the screen and replaced by new symbols.  The reels do not spin, but sweep instead.  The wins are tallied as an accumulated total, and the swooping reels feature only ends when no winning combinations of symbols have been landed.

Flexible Bets

Bets range from 1 credit all the way up to 125 credits.  Players are able to comfortably switch between increasing and decreasing gambling online NZ bets on the control panel.  Like many slots, the game can be played for free or in paid mode.

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