Enchanted Slot Guide for Players Online

Enchanted, created by Betsoft, is an exceptionally well-made slots game, featuring stunning 3D graphics, interactive sound, and high quality animations. It uses a standard five reel, thirty play line system, as well as having a number of special bonus features. Players are allowed to raise and lower the number of lines they wish to bet on, with more lines open meaning more opportunity to win, but a larger upfront bet required. Bet per individual line may also be adjusted; giving players a greater level of freedom then can be found in similar online slots games.

Standard Play Symbols

Enchanted features a number of professionally designed play symbols, all of which are 3D, and all of which animate when they match in a sequence. The most valuable symbol in the game is the wizard, who will payout a good amount if matched with himself a minimum of three times, or maximum of five times.  A fairy, two gnomes, owl, crystal ball and spell book are some of the other standard symbols. The least valuable in the game is the gold bracelet, which will payout only a small sum, even if matching with itself five times. Note, however, that some of the symbols have dual functions, and will trigger special features in specific cases.

Bonus Games

There are a number of bonus features in the game, which can be triggered by landing specific symbols in the play area. The first is the three golden keys. If landing a golden key in the right most reel, a gnome will appear to collect it. If three keys are collected, a mini-game is triggered. In this mini-game the player may select from a number of doors, under which a bonus prize will be waiting. Prizes may include bonus cash, free spins, multipliers, and more.

The second is the crazy hat spins, which is triggered by landing at least two crazy hats in the play area. The third and most valuable special feature is the spell book ultra free spins. If matching the spell book with itself at least three times, free spins will be granted. During the free spin sequence, extra bonuses may be earned, compounding and adding extra value, such as multipliers or even more free spins.

Interactive Music and Sound

Enchanted features not only many bonus games in which massive prizes may be won, but also an impressive interactive music system. This means that as the player progresses in the game, the music will change, adding ambience and a sense of magical adventure. Trigger a bonus game and see how the music swells and changes, carrying the player off in delightful melodies. Note that the music may be switched off at any time, if the player wishes. This can be done via the music button found in the upper left of the screen.

Play Enchanted Online or on the Move

Like blackjack in Canada at https://canadiancasinosites.net/blackjack, Enchanted is available to play on PC, Mac, mobile phone, laptop and tablet. In order to play on tablet or mobile phone, please look for the game in the appropriate application store, such as Google Play Store or Apple iStore. Once the game has been downloaded, simply tap its icon to start playing. Free play is available, allowing players to experience the game without spending money.

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